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I bought Ark for the sole purpose of playing in a primitive way. Electronics, tek and such doesn't suit a dino game imo. Over the years I've enjoyed this broken official mod with friends and thousands of others. 

The abandonment of it has been very disheartening. Determined to still enjoy it and help others enjoy it, I started an unofficial cluster. 

When drops break, I can add items to beaverdams or dinos. 

When a material is no longer craftable, I can add it in game somewhere. 

When structure pieces are broken, I can provide them. 

Prim can live on. 

We've grown quite a bit. Thousands have come and gone, hundreds remain loyal to it in our group alone. The ones who leave, leave because of the issues we can not fix or workaround. They say it's such a shame because it's such a beautiful mod and really helps survivors learn how to utilize the dinos abilities. 

I'd like to know if the current integration of prim+ with the normal s.e side of Ark was intentionally done? 🤔

It fixed many of our issues but brought on a few new ones. 

Characters can be customized, female characters no longer stand on all of the saddles, event items from the last year finally work, crystal wyverns are spawning, the tlc update is working finally! ❤

We're loving it! 😍

Currently the prim+ smithy has been replaced by the regular s.e smithy. This means some prim engrams are no longer available in it. The advanced table for example can not be crafted in it. 

Lumber glass can no longer be crafted as well which is needed for many items. The crystal and pearls will not go into either forge. 

We'll continue to find workarounds as long as we can. I just wanted to bring this to the attention of the developers and am hoping for a response from them. 


The prim+ community 🥰


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On 6/21/2021 at 4:12 AM, aGirlGotU05 said:


Lumber glass can no longer be crafted as well which is needed for many items. The crystal and pearls will not go into either forge. 


Not sure on your private server but on official it still works.

However I have to agree on the abandonment of the mod by devs, and it's saddening, many people enjoy this mode more than regular easy mdoe ark with robots.

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On 6/26/2021 at 1:23 PM, Luckythelepruchaun said:

For our cluster we went into beacon and changed the crafting recipes and locations for the engrams. 

I'd love to hear more about this, especially changing the locations to make items. I've been trying to figure out how to fix the crafting bugs so our members can make everything they need to.


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I am relatively new to gaming but ARK Prim Plus has me. I started playing before the issues with smithy engrams and forge limits started happening. I play on an official server  with xbox and can not make steel, glass etc. I can also not get an advanced workbench. I was just taking my interests to new building levels when I took a break for vacation and came back to these limits. I have been slowly convincing friends to join me in prim plus. Until recently, I have been only interested in playing solo as I can not devote time to a tribe with any amount of certainty or pride.

My new converts are starting to think Prim Plus is not as good and they are not interested in playing reg. Ark. None of us want to have tek or high level guns in our game and i like the prim plus building options. I know that games will move forward and leave small followings behind, please tell me that is not the case for a game that seems to finally be getting some traction. Please don't leave loyalists behind. I am in over my head when I hear talk about fixes you are are doing for your servers. I am impressed. I would love to see WildCard support creative and dedicated players like that. 

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I would play Prim+ and nothing but without a doubt if it worked: so many great things that work great and perfectly capture the kind of game experience I have, but way too many things that don't work and no sign that they will be mended.  Maybe someone just needs to make a new mod that captures everything we love about Prim+ but has the talent, time and willingness to keep it updated and working.

As much as I love the idea, I don't think a mod this broken and without any indication that it will be eventually supported shouldn't be offered in the main menu.

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