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Let's hope the building in this game is more dynamic

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I agree, building is the thing that I love to do most, we need a lot more pieces, and styles of structures along with different snap points that we cant do atm. Some mods add great things like s+ ,ckf, etc. I hope they will add even better versions of those mods, and wildcard please add a building gun or whatever to pickup and also to change structure styles. ❤️   I cant wait until we hear some more news about it!

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The game definitely needs more building options, not just for generic building structures but decorations as well. I really hope there can be just general decor you can add like shelves, lamps, and displays. Ark needs a trophy system where you can display trophies like Alpha Raptor Claws or Sarco Hides, it would also be really cool to have some more mountable skulls like Trike and Spino skulls. There should also be a sort of skin option that can change the appearance of certain structures like changing chairs to look fancier or rustic or making wooden walls look neat and tidy. 

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19 hours ago, DILONG said:

. There should also be a sort of skin option that can change the appearance ..

Seem that devs piss on such wishes. Let me explain.

On extinction to tame  forest and ice titan you need high tek like Mek.

To boss fight gama and beta king titan you use 50-70 gigas which will be killed, tamed titans  and 2 or 3 Meks.

To win alpha king titan you need few players with Mega Mek. (you win with  high Tek technology)

Reward is Homo deus skin which cant be applied on Tek armor but you can use cloth armor lol.

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