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Market Stalls for in server and cross servers trade


So this is an idea I've been rolling around in my head and on paper for a while that I think would be a good idea, not one for official servers but possibly for any large clusters, one that I'm surprised no one has pitched from what I've seen and read so far. After all there is already a giant marketplace on official, people are paying for items, resources and tames(which i acknowledge is against code of conduct as far as i know) or trading off raw resources for them. This would just make it easier to conduct those transactions.

Not only would this idea make it easier to transfer items from player to player without risk, it also helps prevent players from losing items and tames to Obelisk upload, losing them while traveling from server to server, it also helps prevent players from being scammed(Most of us have been there at one point or another.) This could also make it easier for smaller tribes and make it more a level playing field against larger tribes.

A marketplace stall, Something not big and fancy, a simple design but one with a complex use. Something people can use to trade Gear, Blueprints, Resources, Tames and building items across all maps on official and in clusters.

Players could post up a deal on they're end, what they want in return and anyone looking for what they're offering could trade for it. Post a counter offer if they want or accept the deal as it.

I realize with the release of Gen 1 and 2 resources aren't a big drive in the market anymore since we can just go do missions and get resources in bulk relatively easy. While trading them off would be a option, the market stall would see more use on trading off blueprints, gear and tames.

I wouldn't design it as a tek tier building but i would put it on the upper tiers, something that people would still have to work for.

For trading tames. I would show their stats on Egg pop and what their current stats are, this prevents anyone from being lied to about stats.

Resources i would trade in stacks of 100 or 1000. Pretty generic there.

It might even be considered letting players pay hexagons for these transactions but i think that would flood the market place and make hexagons easier to get almost.

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