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Community Crunch 273: Summer Bash, EVO Event, and More!

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Dear WC, I will be on vacation during this event.  Please screw up the launch so you feel guilted into extending it at least a week. Thank you.

Haha loving the T-Rex costume! 🦖

Gonna fix the gen 2 servers also before event starts? 

1 hour ago, davethestoner said:

ive smashed out this game solo but now im bored of offical i need a little tribe going so we can properly grind it and get set up properly. Theres currently two of us but my friend isnt the best but he does try his best. Im surprisingly good at pvp considering i dont have tech and i also gave away my drags to some peeps so now i have nothing. Upload everyday was pissing me off. I kinda want to set up a base on genesis as i havnt played much of that map but we can go to any maps for raiding and stuff


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