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Feedback to devs from a player who has had enough after 1000 hours.

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11 hours ago, theopheus said:

No, I'm just talking out my butt, I didn't actually read anything.     Seriously?

Yes, I read the story.  I actually got the Perfect Explorer achievement.   I couldn't get it 100% legitimately because this game is a broken mess and so I couldn't get the boss dossiers and now they want you to get Genesis Explorer notes apparently, which you can't do if you don't buy Genesis, but I did actually go out and legitimately find all the ones from the Island, SE, Aberration, and Extinction, which is more than most people do.  

As you said, it's all over the place.   The explorer notes were extremely well written in that they definitely invoke some type of emotion when you read them.

Let be clear on one thing though.  Up until Extinction, there was no "story" there was only lore and background history.   It was until the "One who Waits" that the player was actually addressed personally.

The Genesis 1 glitch notes I listened to on the wiki because I'm not paying them anymore money for this game.   

First thought I had was the voice acting was terrible.  The voice actor is mainly known for translating anime into english, but that's whatever.   I didn't like her.  At all.   She didn't sound like how I pictured Helena, and I thought her performance was awful.   If you don't agree with that, it is what it is.

  Reveal hidden contents

The story is a mess and a lot of it makes zero sense.   Also a number of explorer notes elude to things that aren't possible in the game, like taking a Giga into the boss arena, or taming a Rock Drake by knocking it out.

The Arks were meant to sustain life, so why bring back people from 1000's of years ago and stick them inside these cloned bodies?   How does that preserve humanity better than putting some type of history on a computer?  More to the point, we've seen the Arks, we've seen earth, and we've seen the Federation ship.   What happened to actual humans?   Why is humanity trying to preserve dinosaurs?   And also, the whole lot of it is a bunch of crap because all of the "life" preserved on the Ark is a genetically modified version of the original species, both animal and human, which Helena observes doesn't behave like a real animal would.   So why do we learn in Genesis that the point of the Ark's was to preserve life?

The story made a lot more sense back when people thought it was Aliens.  Why would other humans do this to other humans?   Whatever.

As I said, the Island, Ab, SE, were only background, explaining what happened to Helena, Me Lein and Rockwell. 

Rockwell was a spiteful arrogant sob since the beginning when we first met him.  I never had any sympathy for him like Helena does.   Why does this guy have nine lives?  He was killed in Aberration, killed again in the Genesis Simulation and now apparently he's the main villain on the Federation Ship.    What happened to the version of him that survived on Earth?   At the end of Extinction, we've saved the world and the Arks are opening up and we're supposed to be off to Arat Prime to find out what happened to Diana and Me Lein.   Then the devs were like, Hmmm Lets make a simulation and a space ship!

The entirety of this game is just the developers saying, "Oh, this is cool, lets throw this in there."  At no point is there any indication that they had a long term plan, or vision.    When they had that live stream to announce Genesis and said, "we had more story to tell."  It was utter horse crap.   What they meant was they needed to make more money.

If this is anyone's idea of a coherent story or world building, then they certainly need to stay away from writing books because nobody would buy them.

there was a story pre extinction. it just wasn't as fleshed out. it was still interesting. just not as fleshed out.

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