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Suggestion for Noglin behavior


So, I have a suggestion for some kind of server setting that will change noglins' behaviour when it comes to possessing wild dinos.

Even though current ability to instantly kill any wild dino is pretty op, who wouldn't like to one hit a freaking max level wild giga or low level one to initiate a respawn, but in my opinion Noglin really lacks utility in PvE because of this. I think it would be nice if we could change that for unofficial/dedicated/singleplayer so they would not kill wild dinos, instead could be used to help us lead wild dinos into traps and stun it for a few seconds (just so Noglin has some time to run away when unpossessing a creature). Maybe to balance thing out if you knock the creature out  while it's possessed by Noglin it still will kill it or make possessed creatures immune to torpor so people will still have to unpossess wild dino to knock it out. 


If WC won't do this, any modder can be my guest, you don't have to credit me for this idea, I just want noglin to be more fun and useful for PvE😉

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