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pvp ZeroDawn-5x-Bal/Boosted-FREE QUESTS!!-Friendly Admin


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Come play with us on ZeroDawn!

  • 20 person limit..so limited space available
  • Starter including 1 Wish Dino!  (No noglins, reapers, or any dinos not already on this map)
  • 5x exp gain
  • 2x kill exp
  • Big stack size-plus single stack items stack now
  • Max loot quality
  • Insta tame on most dinos 
  • Boosted breeding with 100% imprint ability
  • Max dino sqawn is 300
  • Harvest boost
  • Crop growth x2
  • Fishing loot x10
  • Disabled Collision of structures
  • Always pick up building items
  • Platform building boost
  • No water drain-Normal food drain and 50x heal (So fast healz as long as you have good food)
  • If you don't like or struggle to complete a quest ask Admin (Red) to help you complete it
  • Instant engram unlock
  • Tek unlocks at 100 including the questing items
  • Admin colors dinos for free upon request
  • Free dye from admin upon request
  • Admin does not grief or kill other players.  My base is raidable, but expect to get raided back!  Admin will not use admin commands to spawn dinos or level them up for personal use EVER!  That wouldn't be fair.  Admin is friendly and likes everyone to have fun!  Admin is an adult female FYI.

Only 1 rule...Do not raid noobs off the server!  If you see a new person just give them some time to build up before trying to raid them.  We want to retain players.

Admin gamer tag xredxmalicious.  Add me and send me a private chat or ask to join our server chat.

Hope to see you there!

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