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How to check loot tables without dev kit?


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Genesis part 2 is out and there is a long time ahead until the dev kit version becomes up to date.

I have loot tables ini override for the crates that don't scale with quality multiplier server setting. Such include creature's death inventories, Extinction OSDs, Aberration Earthquakes etc. Just item quality and resource quantity. Content is vanilla.

I certainly know there are other ways to see loot tables. One STA moderator once did me a favor checking Extinction OSDs, youtubers show screenshots of json files with loot tables and so on.

So the question is how do you view loot tables for various sources when your game/server is current version but dev kit is behind?

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I customize my loot drops with a few replacements in Notepad++ after I copy loot tables from dev kit. As you said Beacon doesn't help with getting tables but does the same functions I'm already comfortable with doing my way.

The main point is obtaining vanilla loot tables from the game files. It's not a problem to write ini overrides once I have them.

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