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Astrodelphis / Dolphin Bugs

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On 6/10/2021 at 12:56 AM, Reiv said:

I see people talking about it doing insane damage and scaling with melee, but in both my single player testing (unmodded) and the unofficial I've been playing on (modded), the damage seems to be fixed at 100 for the lasers, no matter what the Astrodelphis's stats are. Am I doing something wrong?

Stop using the jet mode attacks and use the actual dolphins bite. A imprinted max level tame with all levels in damage bites at around 1400 damage per bite, that's at official settings. The saddle mode is fast and fun to fly and the saddles have very high AL, but the dolphins regular melee is where it is at.


*edit* They also can fly underwater. Fast way to farm black pearls. Flying Giga Lol

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