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exo mech not taking element to turn back on

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I cant quite remember right now and I am not in game but I feel like the exo mek required me to keep element on me instead of the mek itself to power it for some reason. Could be wrong but I know I ran into something like that recently and I think it was the exo mek.

Edit: actually the more I think about it, I think it was the hoversail that needed element in your inventory instead of the device itself. I guess still worth a shot on the exo mek but likely not the problem.

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Hello, guys. Got same problem today, but I found a few solutions.

1) You need a powered Tek Leggings (or Federation Exo Leggings, if you playing on Genesis 2). First, place some Element to your inactive Exo-Mek. Then step back 7-10 foundations and use superspeed (Ctrl by default) on your mek, it will push him. Mek will eat 1 element from his inventory and problem will be solved.

2) Using Tek Hover Skiff. Place 1-2 element to mek's inventory, then pull him with tractor beam to a heigh of 3-4 walls and drop it. Mek will be "repaired".

3) Using wooden or metal elevator. Craft a cryopod for this method. Build an elevator (2 elevator tracks and medium platform), then lift platform to the top. Release your inactive mek from cryopod and place element to its inventory. Then destroy the platform, mek will fall down and eat 1 element. Problem solved.

4) Using any pet with platform saddle. Easiest way. Just release your mek from cryopod on platform saddle, place element to its inventory and use cryopod on your pet (Paracer, Quetzal, etc). Mek will fall down and problem will be solved.

Sorry for my english.

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New solutions.
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