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Random issues since last patches applied in the last 24 hours

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So I'm running version 329.26 and ever since patching I've encountered the following issues (not limited to Genesis map though). 

1. When using groups to do whistle calls, selected dinos no longer get that arrow displayed briefly above them when changing groups. 

2. Cross hairs no longer appear when using crossbow or other weapons. 

3. Mission distances not displaying on all missions anymore. Also they no longer sort closest to farthest. 

4. Gestation time progress bar counter broken. Usually it tells you how much time is left before birth occurs now the timer is displaying numbers that do not change nor are they consistent with a clock. 

5. Tek Transmitters (Vanilla and S+ versions) not longer have the option to transfer servers directly. Now it wants me to upload my character and then presumably download it at my destination server. However I was not able to see any uploaded characters. (luckily I backup my files frequently so I recovered mine). 


Anyone else having similar issues?

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