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Can someone please sanity-check and clean up patchnotes?

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Dunno about the other platforms, but this is what it looks like in PC section:

Post title: "PC Patch Notes: Client v329.25 - Server: v329.27 (Updated: 06/12/2021)"

First heading: "Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v329.45"

No patch notes or data or even any other mention of 329.45 given.

Next heading: "Current Version: v329.27 (.25 client) - 06/10/2021

   - Fixed a bug where...."
Meanwhile after validating all server files and checking for updates every 5 minutes for the past 2 hours, my server reports as 329.33 - build 6857071


and this dedi Linux server no longer appears in the ARK client server browser - not under LAN, not under My Survivors, bupkis. Just vanished.

Meanwhile Steam client still sees it, but using it / IP address to connect always results in the tired old "Unable to query server info for invite" garbage error, and fails.

Before update to .33 it was working just fine last night. Please un-break my server kthx

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There was patch notes for v329.45 this morning and updated my servers to it then. Had the S+ bug then but after that it worked.

v329.45 had something to do with a server crash involving the new mek and some exploit involving some of the new items I think, can't remember.

Guessing that's why the notes were removed.. Or it was a buggy patch.

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Posted (edited)

Interesting - I've a cronjob that every hour checks for updates, and if one is found, backs up the server / updates / updates mods / restarts.

I see that as of about an hour ago, the automatic Server update *rolled back* the build to 6849302 - server is now reporting as 329.27

However the patch notes on this site still say that .45 is the lastest version in the header, while the body of the patch notes make no mention of .45 at all lol

PC Client also just had an update - it did NOT say "workshop content" yet the update shows 0 bytes. Wondering if it rolled back as well. Client when launched reports 329.33, however.

*Testing* Huzzah! My server once again shows up in my in-game server list under LAN.

I notice in-game browser's header says the official network is 329.27 as well

So, things are working again - but I still wonder what the hey 329.45 is lol

Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Side note to my fellow admins:

DO NOT ever remove a mod from the server itself! It will destroy anything and everything the mod provides! All records of it will be *deleted* so no, putting the mod back will not, and cannot, restore any previous instances of those objects - their data has been *removed.* If you still want them, you will have to restore the mod AND then roll back to a previous backup where it was never removed.

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