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An Update Concerning 14 PvE Servers (EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1563 -> 1576)

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The following servers listed in the post were not on the right official cluster.  These servers will be taken offline at 12pm eastern on Monday 6/14 and anything in obelisk at the time at the servers going offline will be lost permanently in the cloud.

At this time the affected servers will be brought back online and attached to the appropriate PS PVE cloud.

  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1563
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1564
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1565
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1566
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1567
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1568
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1569
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1570
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1571
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1572
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1573
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1574
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1575
  • EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1576
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