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Community Crunch 272: Plushie Giveaway Winners, EVO Event, and More!

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3 hours ago, Infernal568 said:

Ark 2 news please 

Not to be mean, but to hell with Ark II when half of not most (or all) console servers are bugged out with 2-20 minute connection time and 200+ constant ping for almost a week, and what do we hear from ANYONE from Wildcard, *holds up ear*, *crickets*!!!!!  Wildcard, you are pissing off the entire community with not even so much as a peep in regards to the server performance the last week.  PLAYERS ARE LEAVING!  Long time AND new players!  This keeps up much longer you might as well halt ALL developing of ARK 2 for the foreseeable future, because you won’t have a player base for it to be played on!!  Everyone in 1624 is chopping at the bit because of this mess!  And that’s not the only server that is in that state of mind right now!  At least give us a disrespectful lie of “we’re aware of the problem and are diligently working on it”, even if you don’t!  When the servers started going down where were you?  The servers are up 24/7/365, and by default maintenance teams should be available and ready AT ALL TIMES!

You at Wildcard have received our money for the DLCs, but you don’t reciprocate delivery of a satisfactory product!  Enough is enough!!  Then to add insult to injury you throw out a Evo event when the server stability equates to a sand castle surviving a tidal wave!  People are loosing tames, resources, builds and whatever else and you are nowhere to be found FOR ALMOST A WEEK NOW!  I’m sure there are hundreds of server outage tickets and no response.  People on Twitter are calling out server issues, and still nothing.  Players are reporting server problems in the forums on here, and you still remain silent!  What freaking gives???  My suggestion after this mess gets fixed (and many many others share my thoughts on this topic), TEST YOUR FREAKING UPDATES BEFORE YOU DEPLOY THEM!  Us players are getting tired of the ready, fire, aim bs.  When this does get fixed, I think a very heart felt apology is needed at the very least.

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