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Community Crunch 272: Plushie Giveaway Winners, EVO Event, and More!


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The entire team has been having a blast and enjoying all the Genesis 2 content you've been sharing.  Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!  As the team continues to iterate on some bugs from the latest launch, we wanted to take this time and talk about something we've seen across the minds of the survivor community:


Though Genesis 2 marks the end of the journey and the end of paid content for ARK 1, in terms of new content and new experiences: there is much more in the works!  ARK's thriving community is full of talent and we'll be tapping into that talent for another community map to bring into the official fold later in the year. In addition to new maps, we're continuing to support the live-game with quality-of-life additions, TLC patches, updates, and fixes to pesky bugs.  New experiences will continue to roll in with community events and in-game events.  Summer Bash anyone 😉?

Even though Genesis 2 concludes an epic journey we all embarked on, we are looking forward to the next one!  






If you haven't gotten a Genesis 2 Nogin or Dodo plushie, keep an eye out on Twitter and the #Ark2GenPlush hashtag for a chance to receive a limited-edition plushie. The winners for our tweet giveaway are:











We'll be contacting you on Twitter with a code for your requested plushie!




An ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is active on all platforms from now through June 14th, with the following EVO perks:

  •  2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, imprint, and maturation)
  •  2X Taming
  •  2X Harvesting
  •  2X XP




Creator: captain fatdog

Last week we showed you how to tame a Maewing, but it might help to learn how to trap one.  The trap master, captain fatdog, is back at it!

Creator: CHipZz - Ark Builds

After you've trapped and tamed Maewing, what's next?  Building a perfect hatchery!

Creator: Evolution Curios

What a ride it's been!  Take a look at a journey through ARK!



 @PatheticLlamas A Journey’s End


@TekARK3 Locke and HLN-A


@JLNHD_z NexxuzHD and Astrodelphis


@TekstelArt Sketch of ARK Character


@ceridonias Shadowmane


@Enoch_Parsons - Rockwell Fanart




@GGFizz4 (Additional credit for CC cover image)








Catch you next week!
Studio Wildcard

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark

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Yeah, knew I was never gonna win -shrugs-


Though you did mention that there might be something about Summer Bash in this crunch. I guess you actually meant next week's?


Is a fix for the cryopod UI on the list? You'd just given us that new UI showing the color regions and then the Gen2 launch broke it. Color breeders and breeders in general had quickly come to rely on the new UI and we would like it back as soon as possible, please... I got a maewing mutation and have no idea what color it is or where because the UI is broken

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Its great to hear some focus will be on fixing issues!

A fix for the hard coded element classes for taming the Astrodelphis and fuelling the Exo-Mek in regards to modded child classes for unofficial servers would be awesome.
Can't wait for the mesh hole fixes in the 70 ish locations!
Also the Mission server crashes on the Survive the Ark mission on modded unofficial servers.
Not to mention some more copy pasta S+ features!

Good things coming I hope. Fantastic Genesis Part 2 adventures!!

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The gen2 map is great and it runs better than others, but we need some fixes, specially for missions:

Enforcer has issues climbing, sometimes it latches to the wall properly and sometimes it doesn't, it was better like it was before gen 2.

Downriver Run: both missions need to improve the canoe handling in consoles, the canoe reacts so different in both missions, also the team one has so many invisible walls.

Race missions on alpha should get 10-30 secs increase, that thinking in all those survivors that doesn't have a next gen console, pc and super fast internet.

Missions missing on consoles, we have 36 (39 counting the boss fights) and a 150 lvl stryder asks 49.

Last thing I can think for now, noglin often has that rubber banding effect when controlling wild dinos.

As always I'll keep enjoying the game and hope everyone is doing so.

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Are you going to continue to ignore the OC players?


We have been screaming out for at least 1 maybe 2  more PvE Gen2 servers and there has been absolutely no response from WC, You added 7 more to each EU and NA, making their server counts around 27 each, but OC has to continue playing on their 2 PvE servers.


I don't usually complain but it is ridiculous. A week in and I am still struggling to get onto server.


Other then that good job on the Map.

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The Tek Stryder is bugged when trying to tame it on xbox pve. When trying to hack it keeps saying failed even though it was hacked successfully with all pictures lined up. Please can you fix it? Also like someone else mentioned, the downriver canoe mission is very hard to control the canoe. I can't complete the beta mission. 

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1 minute ago, Poppernox said:

So nothing announced for Anniversary Event, yet I've got party hat dodos infesting all the maps on my cluster??? Just started seeing them yesterday. Are we the only ones?

There was no anniversary event this year. They launched Gen2 when it should have started. Dunno why you have party dodos on your maps, there are none on official

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  • Volunteer Moderator
1 hour ago, Poppernox said:

So nothing announced for Anniversary Event, yet I've got party hat dodos infesting all the maps on my cluster??? Just started seeing them yesterday. Are we the only ones?

We got Party Dodos on our server cluster too, interesting. :dod-xmas:

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