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Dolphin Mission Issues

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The Star Dolphin mission no matter the difficulty does not allow you to control the Astrodelphis meaning that the mission is impossible to complete because you cannot kill all of the targets before the dolphin hits the end of the mission and it just fails you out. Just start the mission and try to complete it and you won't be able to control it.

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This is the worst mission in terms of trying to control anything, the slightest move and it all goes all over the place.

It took me many many tries to get proper control of it but even then it still went crazy at points.

I did however manage to complete Alpha mission yesterday but I can imagine on official servers it is even worse with the lag.

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Title describes it mostly. Seen several videos of people on steam able to control their dolphin movements within the mission, obviously not complete movement but on win10/xbox we have virtually no control over the dolphin and its just a constant of flying into walls and not even making it to the first drop/tunnel and when we make it there it forces us into the wall of the tunnel and there is no controlling it. Impossible to complete as far me and my friends can see so impossible to accomplish the final boss. Only mission we need to complete. Please assist or fix if it is broken.

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I watched gameplay footage on these missions and try it out myself, and holy what a huge shock I got. The controls were totally new to me and different from the ones outside the mission, completely disorientating me. I have practiced normal dolphin controls to at least be able to use it freely, to be ready for the mission. However, it threw me into dizzy spins crashing all around. 

I have never played this type of fighter plane controls, and I don't know is it even practical for the controls in the mission to be different from the real deal. Sure I can adapt to it eventually, the first thing I did was to reduce my mouse sensitivity. But with my low end hardware and moderately high ping, I think the mission is impossible for me to complete in all difficulties. 

This is the most disorientating thing I had in playing almost 6 years of Ark DX

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Same here,
PC Player, controlling the dolphin in the mission is nearly impossible.

Play with my controller, out of mission everything works fine, inside nearly zero control.

While trying to fix it i found out that if you open the Inventory or Menu the mouse is stuck at the center and always jumps back.

First Person (once started not possible), remove controller and use Mouse and Keyboard, nothing seems to help... 

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Firstly yes controls are clunky but they are usable. My issue is on the cluster i play on the difficulty of the mission has scaled but the power/health of the dolphin and whale haven't. I jumped on to official and it is very obvious a balance issue as the mission was a lot more straightforward.  I wonder if this can be addressed. Also if others have had this issue and found a work around let me know.


I just have this one to do and can start boss fight.



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It's definitely doable on official settings - alpha is ludicrously hard solo though, possibly impossible.

OPs issue is a very real and different issue that happens with a number of missions - Survive the Ark and Star Dolphin in particular are ludicrously difficult with increased max tame level compared to their official version, and good luck completing the torpor hunts unless you have modded tranqs.

I played on a server with 600 max level dinos and the dps checks for survive the ark on gamma were comparable to alpha on official.

Edit: The topic I originally replied to appears to have been merged with another that wasn't really related.  Original topic was that the mission was extremely difficult on servers with increased tame levels because the enemies scale and you don't.

That being said, it's really funny how the star dolphin mission is essentially dating people.  If you were old enough to play Star Fox 64, you have no issues with the controls, if you didn't play it you have a problem with them.

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Atleat the survive the ark is doable with high stat character and capped armour to even it out. Plus the code red and life support you can bring your own tames and weapons to even things out. Star dolphin gives you a level 1 and says good luck.


The main problem my friend and i have with it is untill now getting good at taming and breeding has been end game for ark. Now that is all out the window. Even if they had an option to take your own dolphin with saddle in that would be a lot better.


Tbh i don't play official so i was just messing around to check i have to had done mission 50 times and 95% not even reaching whale 1st try on official and i nearly passed it. Big difference. 

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Update on the PC front for Star Dolphin Mission on Gen2


After todays Patch didn't fix the issue for me, I started the mission and disabled the controller (hit ESC should display a specific button)

And now I was able to (clunky) full control the dolphin!

Finally a workaround/solution for me, the control with the mouse and keyboard was okey and I was able to finish Gamma first try :D

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Alright so let me address the main issues on the mission *Star Dolphin* for consoles. 


1: before anything else as stated many times beforehand, controlling the dolphin is completely delayed and forcing. 

Sometimes hitting a wall or clipping a corner or enemy results in a complete KO and mission failed. Damage scaling due to these two instances seems to be random going from 0 damage to full health loss. 

The dolphins turn radius mixed with forced bad camera angles due to the control of the dolphin for some reason being switched to the right joystick nuliffying our ability to use the camera angels to gauge manoeuvrability needs is just exhausting and frustrating. 


2. Weapon fire rates and delays. 

So if you've watched many pc players on YouTube they can fire off multiple charged shots in quick succession, console players unfortunately can't do that. The response times for inputs are so delayed that you can hold the bumper down several seconds and the mission won't even recognise the input regardless. Shots can be heavily spaced out sometimes and I've noticed certain targets don't even register hits (asteroids) until your right up close to them. 

Mix the delayed shots and the unresponsive charged attacks and it makes saving the space whale an arduous challenge even on gamma. The easiest difficulty. 

Oh and did I mention the reticle your shooting and aiming towards only shows up 1 out of 5 times?



Lastly and not the most pressing issue audio files tend to repeat, wether your in the mission or not they can bug out an ally of mine had HLNA saying oh a power up for well over an hour after he failed the mission. 

Other times the mission speech and text won't appear until your out of the mission itself. 


Theres probably more I could list but that is the most annoying of the issues I've come across. 

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Just now, Dragneal said:

Using Xbox and so much trouble even completely mission at all it’s too laggy and u have almost no control of the star dolphin mission as well as the star-wing strike mission. Don’t have this much trouble outside the mission and at least u can turn on and off the jets to adjust speed


On 7/6/2021 at 6:05 PM, Hereasa said:

Yep star dolphin mission impossible to do on ps4, programmer should be fired for such a screw up, WC should remove it from the list to be able to do gamma, beta or Alpha Rockwell as currently impossible due to this mission.

Definitely Needs a patch.

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