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Game crashing after joining server

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Every time I try to enter an official server, i get this message and my game crashes then closes. I used to play ark fine on official servers before with nearly 600 hours of game time. I already tried to uninstall the game as well as deleting the files that stay on the computer after the uninstallation and then reinstalling the game, but it did not fix my issue. I pinned the message I get when my game crashes. If anyone know what the problem is I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!


Screenshot (125).png

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Are all your PC drivers updated? When I looked up D3D it had something to do with 3D rendering so maybe go through your drivers and see if they need an update.

To do that in case you don't know go to:

-Go to the windows sign and go to search

-Look up 'Device Manager'

Right click on each device and click 'Update Driver'. After that click 'Search automatically for drivers', this will either give the option to update a driver or tell you that

you already have the best driver installed.

This will take a little bit because its best to search through every driver to make sure they're updated.

If this doesn't work go to search and write 'GeForce Experience' if you don't have it then I can't help because that was my last option

Hope I helped one way or another

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