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pvp [kor][24H] KANT SERVERx100 11 all DLC LINK MOD SERVER

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[kor][24H] KANT SERVERx100

If you can survive in the Korean server, come to our server.
Pvp masters are waiting for you. 
It is also a favourable server for beginners.

★ Servers
All 11 maps are linked.
 Extinction 2
 Genesis part2 
 The Center
 The Center2

- Server Settings -
-Harvest: x100
- Taming: x100
- XP:  x50
- Mature: x100
- Max wild dino level: 501
-Tribe member limit: 10
- Tribe dino limit: 200 (to be raised)

★Server MOD
  1. ss
  2. Dino Storage v2 
  3. Awesome spyglass 
  5. Tribute and Elment 
  6. ARKomatic 
  7. Classic Flyers 
  8. Awesome Teleporters 
  9. Death Recovery Mod (v1.12.1) 
  10.  Suicide Implant 

DISCORD: discord.gg/K9N35m9wD4

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