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When will there be mods to ps4 and ps5 pls fo it soon


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Hi How,

I'm sorry to have to tell you, but this is not up to WildCard, and it is also not likely to happen.

Sony has been *extremely* restrictive as to what is allowed to be accessed on the PlayStaion systems. For example, mods were enabled for Fallout 4 a while back on both XBone and PS4. XBone mods can do most of the things that PC mods can do. But the PlayStation mods are subject to a ton of rules that Sony has enforced - not allowed to make certain changes or add certain assets or access certain files - making PS4 Fallout mods extremely gimped and nearly useless.

Any requests for this situation to change would have to be directed at Sony, but to be blunt, there's a slim to none chance they'll change their policies. They have proven to be extremely paranoid about anyone even getting a good look at PlayStation internal systems or even the damn file format.

Sorry to have to pass on the bad news.

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