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Skiff fell into oblivion for good inside the asteroid field. Glitch

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On Xbox Official PVE server1551. 

Left skiff floating, fueled, next to asteroid with large white crystals as I floated around riding Doed collecting. Suddenly the next asteroid field appeared in place of the old, instantly. A couple seconds later and the asteroids vanished altogether as the map goes into hyperdrive. At this time my skiff fell straight down and vanished from sight. I went down to the border and looked around and nothing. I went back to base in Eden and tried to fast travel. There is no option for the bed on the skiff. I am 100% certain there was fuel, and the skiff was not landed.

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I also lost my astrodelphis with full inv of element to a similar issue. Was right behind me on follow in space and randomly disappeared, no death on the tribelog either.


Edit: WARNING TO SURVIVORS: Don't dismount your tames as asteroids transition resources. It seems to take your tames and vehicles straight to heaven forever right now.

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