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In game chat broken, ore can't be placed in the refining forge so no brick walls

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Every day I log in and test it to see if primitive plus isn't broken and unfortunately every day nothing has changed. I don't see how I didn't get a real reply. It's not only me experiencing the broken game on every primitive plus dedicated server:

chat seems to be broken (my chat messages aren't sent or at least not displayed)
No clay or ore can be refined into ingonts or building clay in the refining forges - this damns a player's progress - can't build brick walls

I played ark almost every day during the pandemic and am super sad to see it break due to the genesis 2 reveal.

Hoping to get a real reply from someone at this company. Very disappointed.

Colby Hawkins

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Hello mate, I have the same issues too.
Industrial forge still works to make ingots and bricks, but you need steel ingots to craft it.
Your best bet as right now is find an industrial forge (I suggest swamp cave or a red drop). 

BUT, I doubt any dev or moderator reads this anymore, we should all submit a glitch ticket and let ourselves be heard.
Their lack of commitment towards primitive+ is unacceptable.

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