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Anyone good with .ini's ? (and servers)

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I have been running something called Level Equilizer in Single Player I pulled off of reddit.   It's supposed to increase the chances of high level dinosaurs spawning on WC created maps (Island, SE, Ab, Extinction) so they match closer to the mod maps (The Center, Rag, Valg, and CI.)

The posts with the .ini codes are here:

Ark Level Equilizer

Ark Level Equilizer 2.0

I didn't write those codes and I understand there are some redundancies in them and they could have been made more efficiently.  I don't even 100% understand how they work myself.   But I've been running them on Aberration and Extinction in single player and they work nicely, and unlike the Better Dinos mod from steam, they still spawn level 5 dinos, so you can get those low levels for breeding.  I did have to exclude some entries from Extinction because they were causing the Forest and Ice Cave dinos to spawn at levels up to 600.

The problem is, I just recently started up a dedicated server and when I add the same codes that work just fine for SP I get warnings when I try to boot the server.


If anyone could help me make sense of this, I'd be grateful.

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18 hours ago, Larkfields said:

What are the warnings you get when you boot the server?

Sorry, apparently I can only post so many messages a day or I would have responded yesterday.

So.... Like I said, I've been running the .ini edits for Aberration and Extinction in SP and they worked fine.    I tried running the Island codes on my server and got an error starting with something to do with the Dodo_Character_bp entry and it looked like they messed up a parenthesis.  I fixed it and restarted and got the same issue.   So I went and tried the Aberration codes that I pulled directly from my SP .ini because I knew those work.

I uploaded the errors I'm getting, but it's too much for one screen.  For the record, I did not try running the server.   I shut it down when I saw the errors and reverted the codes.


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10 hours ago, Treeost said:

Not that this at all answers your question, but... we use Custom Dino Levels by KitzyKatty and it works well and has 3 settings to choose how you wish for it to work.



I will look at that thank you.   I was kinda hoping I could learn something about how this .ini works and if I can get by without running mods then I do'nt have to worry if the mod author decides not to update it.

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11 hours ago, Larkfields said:

The error message you posted is difficult to work with because you posted it as an image.
But the errors say "unkown property in NPCSPawnLimit"

There are examples here...https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Server_configuration
It's probably worth checking the spelling of keywords in your ini file against the example in the wiki.

That's fair, but why would it work in SP?  Or is it just a case where it runs despite the errors and I do'nt see the error codes in SP?

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