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Hi!  I'm a lvl 97 with 2/3 of the tek engrams.  I would like to work on a PVE server on XBOX.  I am a builder and base management specialist (I can crank out narco, ammo, armor, etc. in just a few minutes).  Some of my builds include a Roman Aristocrat house on Crystal Isles, an Egyptian Temple on Scorched Earth, an English Castle on The Island, the Parthenon on Valguero, and a treehouse community on the Center.  I have played every map and would like to find a new tribe on Gen 2.  I am generally available 2-3 days a week 6-10 pm central US and usually spend an entire day on the weekends.  My discord tag is momm4kidos#5250.  I'd rather not mention my age, though I will say that my eldest child is in their last year of high school.  Let me know if I sound like a good fit for your tribe.

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