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Non Primitive Minigun Bug

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Whenever I place down a non primitive minigun when I go to pick it up it becomes the standard primitive one. I had a acedent Minigun with a damage percentage of 211% once I picked it up again I was greeted warmly by a minigun with 100% damage. Plz fix this! You added a feature to make this gun cool and don't get me wrong it is, but did you all assume people would not pick them back up?

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6 minutes ago, Gamingcraftgaming101 said:

okay yeah there is a bug for the new genesis part 2 minigun when its ascendent ranked when you place it down it turns to primitive when its not supposed to do that wildcard please fix this bug its actually on all platforms cause i tested it myself on pc xbox and PS4.

I'm guessing you are playing single player.

It's been fixed: 

  • Fixed a bug where Minigun was resetting its quality when thrown out
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