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Go play another game?

I've tried 8 different ones and none of them are fun. The Dolphin is clunky as hell to steer in the starfox mode that it's stuck in and the others have equally clunky controls or objectives. But

Like with Gen 1 missions, some are cool and some are corny.  Many are designed for multiple people, so single-player kind will be left out for some of them.  I find that omission perplexing - my intui

On 6/9/2021 at 8:33 PM, Fresiki said:

I think the missions are pretty cool, but I'll admit, I also like your suggestion about finding a more Ark-like niche for missions. I'm not sure how that would work though. Imo, the gauntlet missions, even though maybe not super innovative, fit with Ark really well. I also enjoy the vanity Star Fox missions. I've played a lot of games that have missions/quests in my life, and it seems to me there are a finite ways of creating an objective-oriented style of gameplay for a computer game. It's either "kill something", "fetch something", "protect something", "escort something", etc. So I'm not sure exactly how a mission that fits more with the general Ark theme would look. But it sounds like a good idea on paper at least, lol.

ik im gonna get some entitled idiot who will say this is a bad idea. but a cool mission that i think wwould suit ark would be a taming mission. where we gotta hunt something lik a giga, rex, etc etc and knock em out. but its not with the usual methods. we gotta use things like the eques, tranq traps, slingshots and such. obviously the tools your given depends on what mission your doing. you wouldn't use clubs or slingshots on a giga. but a mission like that would have been super cool. more missions that focus around ark mechanics that only ark really has would be cool. i do like your idea of having more missions that actually fitted with ark. but overall i do think they improved the missions compared to Gen part 1.

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