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pve FTArk: 5x-ArkShop-ORP-AllMaps PvP & PvE

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Hello! Fade to Ark is a friendly 10 server cluster with the following settings:

10x - XP (Player and Dino)
10x - Breeding
5x - Taming
5x - Gather
5x - Crop Growth Rate
2x - Crafting speeds
2.5x - Player and Dino Weight (per point)
Small Tribes
Loot Quality Multiplier = 1.5

You can enable pve mode anytime you want (2 hour activation time) and stay in pve mode if you prefer to be more casual. All are welcome! Simply type /pve when you join. Those in pve mode do harvest half as much, but all other rates are equal. (Taming, Breeding, etc)

For much more information, Discord: https://discord.gg/yK5D2CGDQd

The box that runs these servers is already paid out for 2 years, we'll be here for a while! There is no wipe schedule, and no planned wipes. Enjoy!

[MODS] Subscribe to these before trying to join, helps with a few steam download bugs

Awesome Teleporters!
HG Stacking 5000-90
Structures Plus
Editable UI
Bitou2k's Binocular
Awesome SpyGlass!
Genesis 2 Element Fix
Dino Storage v2

Kals CrossChat

All items that can be bought from the in-game shop can be viewed here. You get 10 points per hour of play, and there is no P2W.


steam://connect/   Genesis 2            
steam://connect/   Crystal Isles
steam://connect/   Aberration
steam://connect/   Genesis
steam://connect/   Ragnarok
steam://connect/   TheIsland
steam://connect/   Valguero
steam://connect/   Center
steam://connect/   Scorched Earth
steam://connect/   Extinction

Go to Steam Main Page -> View(Top left) -> Servers -> Favorites Tab (Top left) -> Add a Server (Bottom Right) -> Copy in above IPs one at a time

You may need to add Gen2 to see the other servers pop up, usually takes a few refreshes!

Much more info found in our discord:


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  • Slowshot changed the title to FTArk - 10x_Shop_ORP_AllMaps_Wiped6/3 PvP & PvE
  • Slowshot changed the title to FTArk: 10x-ArkShop-ORP-AllMaps PvP & PvE

It's been a while since i last played ark and coming back to it i found the friendliest and most helpful people in the game, it made me enjoy ark again! I would suggest this server to everyone because it has every aspect that makes the game great!!! i haven't experienced lag or anything that would make the game unpleasant and the admin is nice and always  helps with issues that occur. join now and have the best experience of Ark 😊 !!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XN73HNxA


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  • Slowshot changed the title to FTArk: 5x-ArkShop-ORP-AllMaps PvP & PvE

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