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Unable to craft Tek Replicator

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6 minutes ago, Grognak said:

I'm on Official Crossplay for PC and I can't see my Replicator either, I could've sworn I seen it there a few days ago...

There is no way they expect us to carry 5k metal to a mission terminal along with all the other very expensive mats to craft this thing.

We have free tek suits... You can fly while overburdened you know. You can drop all the items on the floor, pick them up, punch into the sky, hover and start flying away. Yall complaining about nothing.

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On 6/17/2021 at 11:35 PM, Desertdoc78 said:

We are complaining about something that used to exist, and there are no patch notes saying it was changed/removed.  Perhaps not everybody is as perfect as you clearly think you are

Im commenting on someone saying there is some sort of issue moving 5k metal etc to a mission terminal as if the weight is an issue. I just think some people here dont know how to use their tek suits.

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