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a new one phone that can run in ark mobile

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Guys i found a new one phone that can run ark mobile . It is called realme 6 the ram is 4 and the processor is heliog90t and is cheap i know some guys say it do not work in heliog90t but when i watch this  man it was smooth and a good run if you do not believe me just search in youtube Ark Survival Gameplay in realme 6 gaming zone and  you can  see it handle the phone its real and not fake.

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By the way, I also thought about buying this phone. But then I changed my mind and bought Infinix. It is also a good and powerful smartphone. And I was completely satisfied with everything in his work. But I accidentally broke the display. But as it turned out, this is also not a problem, I looked at the infinix spare parts and it can be easily ordered.

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