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uploaded items disappearing across all maps

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1 minute ago, Minja said:


Anything I upload to the ark....now disappears ........at first I thought it was just genesis 2 ......but I just did a task of getting artefacts on crystal isles, I uploaded, now they are all gone which is a waste of time.

Fix please?

Thy not gone, you can work around it. If your upload inventory isn't full, just simply upload something else into it and what you had previously uploaded will appear unless the timmer expired or just equip something while you are in the Ark data inventory and it will appear again..

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Ah that’s awesome guys, thanks for these tips, I will try them later and post back.

good to know my artefacts might still be there.

my tribe mate is gonna be ticked off as he uploaded an ascendant sniper rifle with 300+% damage and has since left it more that 24 hours thinking it’s lost to the bug. Bye bye awesome rifle.


but yeah, all that aside - I’m sure there’s a lot of folks having trouble with this blank inventory situation. Hopefully there’l be a fix soon.



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