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Genesis part 2 annoying tames

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20 hours ago, iAgnehole said:

Shadowmane is for sure the most anoying tame for me. Been trying for 2 days on offical. I dont see how you are suppose to solo tame them?
You dont have tame to gather all the fish you need for a highlevel one before it spoils. 
I might try to tame them again after a few days break lol

Fishing baskets + net gun is all you need to easily solo tame them.

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:36 PM, TR-8R said:

If it have legs and on the ground , there will be a trap for it....

It aggros on structures so although you can trap it, it's pointless. Net Harpoon ftw for this one. I've yet to try taming a Noglin or Reaper...I watched one video and all I could think of was...I ain't going through that...it's worse than trying to tame Troodons. Nope!

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