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Team Downriver Run Mission Issues

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I keep getting stuck in one area in team downriver run, on any difficultly. Its always in the same spot, right before that big rock that stands in the middle and goes over the river to the right. I have a picture of where and a video if needed. But if you do team downriver run, right before that rock you get stuck. I tried going to the left, middle and right and always get stuck. 


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I've run this mission a good couple of times now. I can confidently say that there's a problem. The Beta Downriver Run has a time of 7 minutes, but each time I tried it (and was making good time!) the mission ends at about 5 minutes in, even if the timer states there's two and a half left- and it does say once I teleport back to the pad I used, "failed to complete within time" when the timer never ran out! 

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Another issue about this mission is that canoe health bar doesnt register damage, and you get cicked out with a message about time running out, but its not the time, its canoe that broke :/

So far canoe missions seems to be one of the most bugged missions there is. 

Edit: Yesterday my tribemate spawn in without canoe when we started mission and also i stuck floating on rock later in same run  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2535721974

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