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Community Crunch 271: Genesis 2 Launch, Plushie Giveaways, and More!

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> mostly primitive I really hope you guys aren't just removing TEK, the one thing that makes ark truly unique. Without it, this just becomes another fantasy/prehistoric survival game. I know for

Look, i understand many people might not like it but Tek and element is what made people build the arks and the ship . Ark's story is based on the issues given by the use of tek and element and the wa

>primarily primitive Yeeeeaaaah, sorry guys, but you're gonna lose me there.  The setting of Ark was fascinating because it was this super sci-fi story of mystery and wonder underneath the bru

idk if something is wrong with me or what cause I've been hyped for genesis 2 and when it came out, but I've (in total) only played about 1 hour. I hopped onto singleplayer to test the items then went to play Skyrim for a solid 3 days. I don't know if I need a therapist or some other means of help. Mr.GP help me, destroy my Skyrim addiction.

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Yeah, no. I'm not spending money on another WC game. As much as I love the setting and gameplay of Ark 1, it's broke as can be. Over the years I've seen WC push new content, hoping to dazzle us away from all the game breaking glitches and nerfs. What NEEDS to happen is a dedicated team working on finding and fixing all these little (and obnoxiously big) bugs. All I've read for bug fixes were server crashes and exploits, no actual love for the coding itself. To me, it feels like WC is trying to be over corporatized, despite being a relatively obscure dev team. You guys got the money, now dedicate the resources. Please!

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17 hours ago, BrewsLee said:

What's with you and the missions? Locking content behind mission counts is a big drag on the game as a whole. I had thought you would have learned that from Gen 1 which is the least played map in the game.

nah, its called earning content. nothing in life is free. also gen 1 is not the least played map, that title belongs to scorched, rest in peace scorched. 

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On 6/7/2021 at 1:44 PM, PlayinShark said:

Yeah, sure, it has SOME creatures from nearly all expansions but does not have all of them unique to all expansions. I agree with original comment that it would have been awesome to see more variety. Some things I have yet to see are: Magmasaur, Rock Drake, Morellatops, Tropognatheus, Tek Trike (I feel like this SHOULD be in there), and more!
Would have also been really cool to see some more diversity in the biomes. I haven't been all over but I haven't seen any lava or snow yet.

My opinion, that's all.

The tek gigas would have been nice to. especially since if you add them in by INI they are tamable, have unique eggs and, have a baby model. Honestly I would have liked to see all dinos on it but since they aren't I'll just add them by INI to spawn them in & use simple spawners for nests.

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Ever since the addition of gen2. I have found drops to have nothing but primitive loot. Also c4 doesn’t work properly. Any input would be helpful.

I’m wondering how long till c4 is fixed, drops are fixed so we stop getting primitive loot and probably a lot whole lot more that I don’t know about. I’ve played ark since almost the beginning and now that it’s at the end I really don’t think you plan on fixing anything. I feel bad for new players who don’t know the extent of arks problems you’ve created a cool game but these continued problems are ridiculous.

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