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Please help save my server

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Okay so I main on The OC crossplay server, my tribe and I were devastated to learn that after our all nighter for map release, our cluster didnt get any new maps at all and instead we upgraded solely for a engram reset and point reset apprently lol. 

The entire cluster (the 5 maps we have) has tried to build up servers more so we have heaps of fresh bobs around and we have all put 1000s of hours worth of work into everything on here and we are a little frustrated as we want the new maps but cannot afford to lose the years of build up we have and plus the thought of managing two servers is terrifying (We have multi spots around 5 maps currently so it's all high maintenance as hell already)  I'm a bit worried that the whole cluster will die off now though too cause no one wants a cluster with this little map choices. Just wondering what the deal is with our poor server and why we weren't good enough for gen, gen 2 and crystelle isles (my faveeeee)


Also, the xbox lag on here has cost me so much stock and so many  tames over time, it breaks my heart losing them that way :(


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