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Building Egg Incubator on other maps!

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For those who have learned the egg incubator on Genesis 2 but are pulling their hair out because they can’t craft it on another map, you can destroy your current fabricator and build a new one, the option to craft the incubator will now show up =]

Drastic measure due to the bug but least it’s a work around!

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Well that's strange!!

I went yesterday for the first time to Genesis Map and unlocked the Incubator engram. I then returned to my base in the Island and crafted an Incubator. Today i went to my other base in Ragnarok and the engram does not appears in the Fabricator!

Why does it happears in the Island and doesn´t happear in Ragnarok?

According do the first post here one difference that i see is that the fabricator in the Island was crafted by me a few days ago and the fabricator in Ragnarok it was already crafted a long time ago and not by me.

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