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All Loot from Crates and Drops are Engram Quality

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Why do you guys have to be so toxic? You know half of your beef is with xbox for not allowing updates that haven't gone through certification, right? And guess who doesn't do the certifications o

I wouldn’t go as far as a boycott but these things shouldn’t have even made it live, paying customers getting buggy products and then complaining isn’t an unreasonable position.

In the next update could they replace the loot crate model with that of a garbage can, it would better suit the contents lol And yes they are Giga saddles😭  

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I was about to make a report saying the same thing. Drops are not fixed for single-player or non-dedicated sessions for me either. Bit of a shame since I'm waiting on it getting fixed before I start my new single player playthrough :(


Edit: this was moved to here for some reason. hopefully this means the devs are aware of this now?

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10 minutes ago, Thornhorn7 said:

No recognition to fix the primitive drops on single player. They rolled out the fix to servers a week ago and haven't said a thing about if there will be another patch to fix the problem client-side (as far as I know)

As with all things, have to wait until it's fixed.

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