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ARK: Genesis Part 2 is Live!

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porfiin salio! gracias , wildcard espero que en prox actualizaciones metan criaturas que si sean prehistoricas en algun futuro porfis yo creo en ustedes , y tomense un descanso


Great update but I was only able to play for about an hour before I got kicked off and the server has been full ever since. Have been waiting in a que for over 3 hours to join back and I have no idea

On 6/4/2021 at 2:12 AM, LovelyAngel87 said:

The transfer system is messed up. No one can transfer to the new map or other maps without making a new character. Anyone having issues?

It’s on a few, those with the least amount of day’s. Think they add a few with different settings. Btw do not upload anything on those, you can’t get it out. 

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Primitive Plus Xbox Series X broken!


Every day I log in and test it to see if primitive plus isn't broken and unfortunately every day nothing has changed. I don't see how I didn't get a real reply. It's not only me experiencing the broken game on every primitive plus dedicated server:

chat seems to be broken (my chat messages aren't sent or at least not displayed)
No clay or ore can be refined into ingonts or building clay in the refining forges - this damns a player's progress - can't build brick walls

I played ark almost every day during the pandemic and am super sad to see it break due to the genesis 2 reveal.

Hoping to get a real reply from someone at this company. Very disappointed.

Colby Hawkins

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So glad I waited a year and a half for this hot garbage... -.-   I host 20 dedicated servers and this by far the most game breaking experience I've ever had. 

Unlimited jetpack usage is absolutely trash.

Exo suit forced on you at spawn, trash. 

Bugs and mesh kill spots everywhere (expected...but still). Trash. 

Idk.   For me.  Waste of $.  This isnt the Ark I've come to love over my 6k hrs.  This is just.  Meh at best.  


Ark 2 had better go back to the roots or I'm out..  this tek stage of having basically s+ hatcherys / mutator (mutagen) concept is unappealing to me due to no "survival" required...   just dbl space to boost away to safety... or afk in base and let the machines do the work for you.  Dumb.  


Nerf the Exo suit jetpack usage to *at least* some sort of fuel....   unrealistic to be jetting around everywhere unrestricted. 


"Suits power comes from the ship"  bs.  

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I play on Xbox Series X on a single player world but for some unknown reason genesis keeps making ark crash after a bit of playing. It’s annoying because it sets me back 5-20 minutes prior to the crash. It’s making me not want to play this map. I tried to fight through it by exiting every once in a while but then I died, respawned, the game crashed, came back a few hours later but instead of of just loading in 15 minutes before I died it made me restart, it didn’t show where I died just the spawn map. I respawned found my flyer went back, and my good loot was all gone. Wild Card please tell me you can patch the glitches! I’m playing on the best console there is! (Except for PCs)

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