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I don't know if there would be anyone interested in this or not since I am not normally active on the ark forums or have a massive following but I am putting this down for anyone interested to watch. I would be attempting to play ark from island to gen part 2, defeating all the bosses on alpha difficulty, and ascending (transferring stuff) from one map to the other according to the lore of the game. The reason why I am doing this is because of gen part 2 coming out tomorrow, I thought of a challenge is to starting from the island and attempt to make it to gen 2 (In chronological order) and defeat [spoiler] or whatever beast he has created to go against us in gen 2.


Personal goals

For my goals for this challenge would be listed as follow

  • My first main goal is to complete ark from the island to genesis part 2 defeating all bosses on alpha difficulty without dying (mainly do to the fact that in the explore notes the re-spawn mechanic was removed from the lore of the game).
  • The second goal is to collect every explorer note and dino dossiers.
  • Thirdly is to tame every dino that I have the ability to tame at the time (Fishing basket in abberation)


Rules in doing the challenge

If there are people that are wanting to try this challenge as well I will be putting a and rules that I will be following with lore involved.

  • No creative mode and cheat codes (no survivor got off the island using cheat codes carved in to the side of the Obelisk's terminal or Artifact's, only the word ark (Rockwell note 1 on Scorched Earth)
  • Must have (hardcore mode) turned on along with max wild dino lvl 150 (Maximum difficulty enabled), and have the game difficulty set to 1 (difficulty level) at the start menu.
  • Follow the the info in Ascension info.
  • Only go to the Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis part one and Genesis part two. [As much as I would like to go to The Center, Ragnarok, and the other community created maps I will be following the maps that the ark lore is based on.]
  • You can play with other people but only with people that first joined with you on the island and if they die they can't join you with the rest of the play through.
  • If you die, you have to go straight to the island and start over (deleting all map data).


Ascension info

When I am ascending from ark to ark I will be following by the lore of the explorer notes in ark and what the explorers experienced when they Ascended

  • For going from ark to ark the first two maps (The Island and Scorched Earth) I would only be allowed to transfer items (weapons, armor, gear, blueprints and food). the reason why I am saying only items is because of what Mei Yin said in her explorer note 1 and 2 on Aberration. Granted Nerva did kill all of her dinos after defeating Megapithecus, but its stay safe then sorry in following in the challenge. Along with that I don't really know if Rockwell and Helena was able to bring stuff with them because they don't go into detail in Scorched Earth but when they get to Aberration Helena had a rifle when she got there (Note #1 Aberration).
  • Where as transferring from Aberration I would be able to both Items and Dino due to the explorer note Santiago made on Log #1 (Extinction)]
  • lastly for transferring from the extinction map and genesis part one, I would have to say this part is in a grey area with my knowledge of the lore of ark. I would have to say that I would have no ability to transfer any items or dinos (skins are excluded in this rule).

When transferring from ark to ark I would have the option to transfer from a supply drop or an Obelisk


Live-Stream, and recording location/info

Do to the fact that gen part 2 is dropping tomorrow I hope to be streaming the game on twitch tomorrow (on 6/2/21) at 4:30 pm U.S. central time (with the update already installed). The reason why I hope to have the update to already be installed it that I am not playing ark on my home computer but instead at a gaming center that I live near by, and to get any quality of life changes before I start my attempt. Depending on how loud the gaming center gets I may have my self muted while I play the game. I will also try to have a recording of the stream on my youtube channel for people that would like to see the stream but was unable to view it. I also will have a sporadic schedule due to me doing a college course in the summer, work, and needing to help with family matters, but I will post when I will be streaming on my twitter account.


Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube channel link




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