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What Time Will Genesis 2 Be Released

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You would be better off planning to play on the weekend once the initial server crashes have slowed down a little.

That stream is fake, there's nothing to support that countdown at all.

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Time is yet to be announced as per above Tweet.

It is highly likely YES those in the far East, Australia. New Zealand etc will get it on 3rd June. Assuming all goes to plan then Europe would likely expect it late on 2nd June, but as history has shown us it will likely be the early hours of the morning 3rd June for Europe.

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Yeah considering the track record for Wildcard then no point for us in the EU to sit up and wait :)

Think it was Genesis, was supposed to be out by 19:00 for us in CET, then they postponed it to 22, and then to 2... Eventually I think it got released like 4 or 5 in the morning :P
Managed to update my servers and create a character before heading to work heh.

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59 minutes ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Most downloads don't bottleneck on the client side. It's usually the server. 

Hm, I was just thinking of downloading from Steam, which usually fully utilizes my connection so much that I can't download something and watch YouTube at the same time. Maybe it is different when a lot of people are downloading (as may be the case when Genesis Pt. 2 is released).

Ya know, I haven't tried to play on a server with this new fiber connection, I wonder if it would be better. I'm used to playing in single player mode, but I've played on an official server and an unofficial one. On the latter a local friend had one not very far from where I live (less than a mile probably), I experienced too much rubber banding. I wonder if this connection would change that, though perhaps it was an issue on the server side. Plus, I don't know if the server was running on a fiber connection, though I don't think it was as available then as it is now.

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1 hour ago, NickiamxTTV said:

Only 3 hours if you're poor.

I completely understand. I'm poor, too. I'm just fortunate to have this one luxury. I don't specifically pay for it, someone else in my residence does, though I do financially contribute, we can call it rent. Honestly, especially because I play games often, I think I benefit most from this bandwidth.

I know the wait on this side of things sucks. I was disappointed when they delayed it to Feb. and then to May, but eventually I got comfortable with it. Maybe part of that is because I found other games to play. I was slightly disappointed when they delayed it another week, but since I've been playing this game since the awesome Early Access days, I've learned that these delays happen every time and should be expected. We don't know what time it'll be released and it won't surprise me if they give us a time and then tell us they need a few more hours. This too pretty much always happens and is to be expected. But, once it's in our hands and we're playing it, the wait will no longer matter, we'll completely forget about it. So, yes this moment may suck, but it will pass and soon we'll be playing it. None of the waiting will matter any longer.

I just hope I get to enjoy this one more than any other DLC. All the DLCs have disappointed me, except for Scorched Earth, even though I still enjoyed them. My only problem with SE is that it has no ending cut scene. Part of the problem is that I've found bugs in each of them (including the base game) that are still there, bugs I encountered not too long after playing them and have reported, not yet resolved. I'm hoping I don't find another, but I expect that I will.

I hope this time tomorrow we're playing it. If not, the time will come come. At least we (hopefully) won't have to wait much longer (like a year or even months).

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1 minute ago, GP said:

No-one knows the details yet.


I appreciate that and as far as I was aware this was true, which is why I posted the link to the other thread so someone can update all of us when something is known. I for one left Twitter long ago and don't follow the feed, so a notification here would be much more helpful to me at least. There may be others that feel the same. Thanks again for the info, I do appreciate it.

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