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What Time Will Genesis 2 Be Released

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1 minute ago, St1ckyBandit said:

I'm sure the guy will say I know nothing about game development again, but wouldn't you think a game developer would initiate the certification process before the day of the release, ya know, so they can actually release the game on said date.

Indeed, this is something you do at least a week before release. Even more so considering there's a chance it'll fail and they gotta fix something, and then redo the certification. And this goes for anything, not just game development.

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You would be better off planning to play on the weekend once the initial server crashes have slowed down a little.

That stream is fake, there's nothing to support that countdown at all.

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9 hours ago, bokbockchicken said:

you have no idea what your talking about, guy. 

Yeah, says the guy with 1 post...
Crazy Bandit pays money to get a car.
Company says: "We'll get it done and delivered first day next month!
That day. Company says: Yeah, there is some delay sorry man... We postpone the delivery to monday 2 weeks from now.
Crazy Bandit says: Ah damn thats too bad. Hope you get it done by then.
That day. Company says: Yeah, eh, sorry man. We are trying to figure out if the car needs to have eh. A eh. you know a eh way of moving forwards. You know... We'll figure it out before the end of the week.
Crazy Bandit says: What?! You have no idea what you are doing!
Guy with 1 post says: Damn you stupid Crazy Bandit! You think you know better! You have no idea what you are talking about! Be happy you gonne get a car! DummDilo people these days...

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