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ARK: Survival Evolved - The Center arrives on Xbox and PC!


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I have been playing on the new Map on Xbox One with all my old Youtube friends on the New Map ... it is Amazing! the only strange bug i have encountered is that you cannot invite to the server thru the Admin server Xbox unless you go to the specific friends Xbox profile. Has anyone seen this problem? other than that once i get everyone in we have a blast. We created the Viking Town of South Shield. and Me and my Wife and Kids adopted 2 little Ark Puppies we call "Kala and Kaden" we set up a little Farm off the ocean and love the new center map!  Love it might start my own Ark Viking Diary



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My game is completely glitched. I started a map on the center with my friends and we got kinda far. But then i get online and the server is just gone. My xbox told me to re sync my game so i did, 3 times. It never worked. I uninstalled and re downloaded the game and it didn't do anything. And yes i did try starting over. Nothing i do will actually save. If i do something it wont save so there is nothing i can do. Please help.

What my xbox tells me to do, that ive done 3 times: "There is a problem with your saved game. You will need to delete and sync them again to play. To do this, go to Settings > System > Storage and select Clear local saved games. They will be synced from the cloud the next time you play the game."

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