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ARK: Survival Evolved - The Center arrives on Xbox and PC!

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Woot! Thank you Team Wildcard, keep up the great work!

When will more servers be added to xbox one?? Its so annoying trying to get onto a server now and when u finally do all the noobs have filled it all with foundations so you cant build anywhere  

It'll be available very soon on xbox, within the hour!

4 minutes ago, IdkLol said:

I haven't. But they were creating two different save files, and people have been jumping back and forth from TheCenter to TheIsland and their characters and items are still there, but their uploaded characters are not transferring between the two.

Nice. Thanks  for the Info. I'm going to wait until they fix the soun issues before trying the center I think. 

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Looks like I may of ran into a cheating no good sorry arse gigga first I'm checking out the area around me which is literally at the blue obelisk while on my ptera when I think I notice a cave I fly down skimming the water when it say me an my ptera have been killed by a lvl 16 gigga. So I go to retrieve my gear speaking of which I can't the body spasses out an stretches an you can't retrieve your item's. Anyway back to the gigga it kills me again even though I can't see it. Round 3 I force tame a bronto swim over there an clear the area of all vegetation and still no gigga so I get off an bang killed by a gigga so for round 4 I go ghost an what do I find 15ft below the map but the cheating arse gigga been a damn troll.

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