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teleport command between genesis biomes?

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so i've been using the 'tpcoords <lat> <lon> <alt>' command to instantly teleport to the genesis 2 chronicles in preparation for Genesis 2 on the 2nd; but on the 5 in genesis i teleported to the the biomes then teleported to the coords just in case the game crashes (it is console Ark after all), this obviously took longer than i hoped and i want to also get all the glitches, so i just wanted to ask if the 'tpcoords' works between the different biomes on genesis and if it crashes... or even if theres a quicker way to get the glitches, i've tried 'giveallexplorernotes' but that didnt work.

also i have actually read all of the glitches and notes but i accidentally deleted my player data when resetting the maps.

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