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Ark 2 Radio Silent. Come on Wild Card

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Wild Card has been radio silent since the trailer for Ark 2. I know this in an early development but come on its time for the customers to see something. Sincerely I would be happy by just seeing a mere picture or art work/models even uncolored models 🤣. I have over 4k hours in Current Ark and I am looking forward to play Ark 2. The game will be Amazing in Unreal engine 5. It's really saddening that there is nothing else to see or check other than the trailer. I hope after Genesis 2 release in June 2nd Wild Card can offer some more info related to ARK 2.

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I think we will see something Ark 2-related at this year's E3.  WC has participated in every E3 since 2015 (Other than 2020's cancelled E3), unless I'm mistaken.  With Gen 2 launching on 6/3/21, prior to E3, there's not much else WC could show off besides a kick-ass UE5 trailer for Ark 2, hopefully :).  Maybe they will show off a future map/content coming to Ark 1, but I don't think that's feasible with Gen 2 just coming out a week prior to E3.  Another guess of mine is that the In-Engine Ark 2 trailer that showed at the 2020 TGAs may have been meant to show at 2020's E3, meaning WC could be at decent progress with Ark 2.  With no statements from WC on Ark 2 yet, who knows.  Overall, I think the timing makes sense for a trailer to drop at 2021's E3 with a release in 2022.  Just some hopeful speculation.

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