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Request: .ini option to allow repairing via Argent saddles


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Heyas, looking forward to GenII (less than a week now!). I've been busy with other stuff, so I stood up a server with TheIsland and started a new toon to knock the rust off before it hits - both as a player, and a server admin, heh.

Thank you for continuously adding more config options for servers, giving the server admins and their player groups more control over their game experience. The return of flier speed training was a welcome and unexpected surprise!

There's nothing in the game that indicates the Argent saddle has crippled functionality - it simply calls it "a smithy," so I'm sure most players don't even think about it much and assume it works just like the big ol' wooden table. I think i'd be reasonable to let this be an INI option for servers that want to allow it to repair. I know you're well-aware that a tool that lets you create new things but not repair existing ones makes zero sense, and that this decision was about balance ;) but I think this would be an appropriate option to let server admins / players decide for themselves per map. (I have to add... if i am prepared with mats to repair my gear on the go and could use the Argent saddle, then it's 90% likely I have the mats on me to just build a smithy anyway.... and building a smithy with the mats in my flying smithy just to repair stuff just feels..... off. So now my forward base / taming camp has a full smithy in it anyway, rendering the Argent saddle function obsolete and  unused. Ehh... seems wrong.) IMO doing stuff on the go adds an element of fun and rewards preparation and is sometimes a bit funny.... caught out in MurderSnow, fur chest broke, 2 pelt short of repairing it... but i had enough obsidian on me to make a new pair of scissors, trimmed my beard, and repaired the chest before i froze to death lol)


See you on the colony ship....

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