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pvp Iron Den [5xEXP|10xH/T] PvP Cluster[New Player Protection]wiped april 9

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[PC Server] Iron Den [5x EXP | 10x H/T] PvP Cluster [New Player Protection][Wiped April 9th]

looking for staff admins who will go in game to fix issues and server developers or devs to help improve the servers themselves

The Iron Den
An ark server with a friendly community and lots of things for all people all the way up to very experienced to barely experienced

      Active Admins

Server Rates
5x Experience
10x Harvest
10x Taming
20x Breeding

Server Info
Max Wild 150
Higher stack sizes
Custom Drops
Adjusted player stats
Cross ark chat  (so you can read messages in discord)
Discord tribe logs
Turret Filler
2x ORP
No Ally
Tribe Limit 6
48 Hour New Player Protection

Our mod collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2257997843

 Current maps:
Crystal Isles steam://connect/
Valguero steam://connect/
The Island steam://connect/
Ragnarok steam://connect/
Extinction steam://connect/
Abberation steam://connect/
Scorched Earth steam://connect/
The Center steam://connect/
Genesis steam://connect/

Join our discord community to meet the team and learn more about us! https://discord.gg/k7N3TVqf6p

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