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pvp Tropical Vortex PVP/PVE Rag server


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Come one come all to Tropical Vortex cluster! We welcome all friendly players to our servers. We have 1 PVP [for now] anarchy map. Three PVE maps they are all clustered together so you do not need to lose your character transferring between maps! We have a discord! We have an admin shop. Don't want to start super fresh? No problem! Donate 5$ to the server to get a dedi box of your choice! Have a specific color for a dino? No problem! Donate to get that dino colored just the way you like it. Don't want to use cash? No problem we do bush berry currency for those who just want to grind! Sometimes it just as good to grind yourself ;)

Our PVP & PVE Servers are both known as Tropical Vortex. We encourage everyone to join the discord for both rules and admin shop, as well as asking for admin when you need it. Though we understand if you just want to play and have fun! Discord link is below! Please reply to this post if you have any questions and above all.... Play nice and have fun!



To celebrate spooky season we are going to be doing a Halloween themed scavanger hunt in abb zone Val radiation on 10/26/21 all day there will be 3 difficult mobs and a hidden chest with a level 315 rock drake inside.  The winner MUST let an admin know when they found the chest and you cannot bring any dinos in rad zone with you besides light pets.


If you are interested in joining us for a very spooky hunt please message us in the discord or by leaving a comment down below!

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