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Basilosaurus army worthless

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22 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:

We noticed megalodons swimming off in the same manner on beginner servers.  I would suspect that all water tames might behave like this.

yes mosa and tuso do this also. but not if they are on follow.

5 minutes ago, Voidgoof said:

 Thanks....That’s good know stuff just swimming off....and to Bert, that is a good point about mate boost....so a mate to tank, and then another ridden with high melee...that was on official?   That basil must have 20,000 mutations...wow awesome.


yes official, its a 3.5 year old project now. started with 391md.

a basilo on follow also prevents you always from getting stuck, which is the biggest nightmare if you go in the water caves alone and the melee isnt to high. i occasionally see a "death star" when i enter a water cave where previously one tried to enter the cave with a weak water dino. you see 20 sharks and dunkleo sleeping in a star formation all pointed at the center where a player and dino was. they couldnt escape.

if you get stuck in such a way, just whistle aggro on your matebooster and they will all aggro on that basilo, and you are free.

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