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Creatures that wildcard can add in potential future maps or in Ark 2


I really like the animals in ark, they play a big part for me. Ark has a lot of animals so far (something like 200 or more I think), however some sort of disperse from the mind once you know what their weaknesses are and how useless some can be. For example; the leaches, diplo's, the other diplo's, pleso's, manta's, the small flying dinosaur bird that starts with d, terrorist birds, etc. So to replace the ones that are only really used for meat and hide, some more cool creatures. If they still release non story dlc's for the original ark then more creatures would be good (maybe even just base game creatures?).

I reckon ark should be more scary aside from the odd kapro lunging a you. an animal that just invokes fear in the player, something that can just appear out of nowhere and taunt the player. Something that can go unseen and become an entirely new threat to non-mounted players.

Another one could be an amphibious type animal that is only neutral and doesn't pose any threat to the player if left alone, but once it is startled or hurt it becomes something that no one would want to fight even with spears and arrows (potentially having a pin down ability where it spits a kind of resin at a player and acts like a bola, so when the player is stuck it can come in for a snack, maybe having large carnivorous fangs).

A dog like creature would be cool as well. There is the hyena and dire wolf but I'm thinking of a support driven animal that can assist in sniffing out potential corpses/cashes or storage boxes so no box is safe within a hidden wall (not vaults though cause that would be too OP). 

An underwater animal that could be used for walking on the ocean floor which could also collect silica pearls and black pearls. like a catfish or deep sea worm or sea cucumber that can be used for deep sea and ocean floor travels. maybe if its a sea cucumber it could have the ability to not get aggro'd by sharks and other sea predators as they naturally taste disgusting and aren't appetising to predators.

maybe a parasite type animal like the leaches can be made, however not as useless as the leaches. like something that can be used as a disorientating animal like if it attached itself to you, you need to get it off before your screen gets blurry or shaky. maybe could be tamed and used to do the same to the enemy and have mounts that it attaches itself to to get a disease or become uncontrollable.

what about an animal that is too passive that even when its hit it wont run away but simply let itself die, then it comes back to life in a more terrifyingly aggressive form that hunts down the player that killed it until it gets killed or it despawns. might only be tamable through a new method like killing it in its passive form and only having a few seconds to do a process.

maybe in Ark 2 there could be an alien hive-mind like creature *cough cough* the flood *cough cough* that evolves progressively through the amount of matter it consumes and can only be tamable through sacrificial methods (even then it could only be a trust relationship, not like normal tamed animals where they would do anything for you no matter the circumstances, like if its mistreated then it could turn on you. maybe a rage meter like the giga but instead of raging it just turns aggressive and attacks all friendly animals).

the last one that i can think of now would be a creature that isn't a primate but it is smart and knows how to use tools and do human like things. it could hold a code of honour where it doesn't attack lower level players or players next to no gear but it attacks players have a lot of gear. maybe it makes the battle between it and the player by stealing one of their weapons and fighting them with it. maybe only tamable through defeating it but not killing it so maybe like a lost Ronin in need of a master.

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