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pvp [PC] Survivalism.Live NPC RAID EVENT! Raiding BLDX!

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www.Survivalism.Live NPC RAID EVENT! Raiding BLDX!

This week we will be raiding the 1st Ragnarok Official Server that Wildcard has taken offline! Ragnarok1
We have 2 Save Points in time. One in 2017 and another in Jan 2020. This means we will have 2 events from the same map.

PHASE 1: 2017, This map doesnt have a whole lot to raid but there is plenty of stuff to keep us busy. 

-Survivors can transfer in and Out
-No Items Transfer In, Only Out
-No Dinos Transfer in, Only out
-Flyer speed enabled /levelspeed
-Turret Damage 1x (In 2017 there was no turret Limit)
-Only the south half of the map is populated (In 2017 the northern half did not exist)
-NPC Bases spawn in the north half 

Dino Settings
  -Feedable Titans
  -Dinos not grounded with C4 attached
  -Multiple C4 Allowed

Added Dino Spawns
  -2x Turtles + Claimable Babies on the Beach
  -2x Stegos + Claimable Babys in the mountains and canyons
  -2x Brontos + Claimable Babys in the grasslands and Redwoods
  -2x Paracers + Claimabe Babys in the swamp
  -2x Gigas + VERY RARE Claimable Babys can be anywhere

  -White Drops Give cryopods
  -White Drop Loot Waves every 30 mins

Raid Loot
  -Server Tokens added to raid bases
  -Resources added to Smithys

Primal NPCs

Human NPCs (Archer, Bowman, Hacker, Chopper, Scrapper, Brawler, Huntress, Hunter, Sentry, Guard, Trapper, Catcher, Thumper, Clubber)
  -Human NPC have been added into some tribes

SHOP Additions:
  -Every Player spawns with a Human NPC tribe of 14 members
  -Human Tribe spawn kits can be bought in the shop for 1k points
  -Human NPC Tribe members can be bought in the shop, they come in pairs (Male and Female) ranging from 75-300pts

PHASE 2: The 2020 Map save
-Approx 6 Large to Massive sized bases to raid accros the whole map

Same seeting as above except
-Items can transfer in and Out
-Dinos can transfer in and Out
-Dinos Grounded with C4 attached

Join the discord to get the server launch announcement 


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