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Three topics and a rant all in one :)

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Hello WC, fellow survivors, and everyone else. There are a few topics that have been itching at the back noggin over the past few days. However, first things first, I want to start by saying a giant Thank You to the developers. Ark is possibly one of my all-time favorite games. Like any game, there are up and down moments. This rollercoaster ride would not have been possible without the team effort from the folks at Wild Card. 

I started last Friday off with reading the latest Community Crunch. I wasn't reading long before I spotted some interesting text. Posted clear as day under Small Tribes Update was "The full rules can be found here if you'd like to go over them." Clicking on here loads the Code of Conduct. Why am I bringing this up? Because after reading the Code of Conduct I realized the ticket submission is a joke and one that should be taken more seriously in the days to come. 

On the horizon, we have Genesis part 2 which will undoubtedly have bugs, crashes, and possible delays. Beyond that is hopefully another Summer Bash event. Here is where I would also like to plead with Wild Card to please test the event and not repeat the same disaster as 2020. Last year we had server crashes every seven minutes (give or take), lag, bugs, a rollback, and an update all within 24 hours. In the event there is a repeat of last year's Summer Bash please consider releasing the update on a Monday. As stated in a previous post, I sent a year ago, releasing the update on Monday gives WC and Microsoft a full week to work out a fix and an update to have the game patched by the weekend. Which then allows us, the fanbase, to enjoy the Summer Bash event. This also prevents the defensive shield of "Unfortunately due to it being a weekend, the earliest we are able to get the update through platform certification will be Monday morning." Then sticking us with a buggy event for the next three days. 

Going back to the Code of Conduct, it states "Attacking from, traveling through, or building in unintended game-zones (under the mesh or above the map) is a direct violation of the Code of Conduct. This is where I got a good laugh because one of the tickets I submitted was to report a tribe for meshing among other things. I had screenshots of the conversation from chat and video proof of the meshing and the tactic they were using. However, the response I received back was "Thank you for submitting this report, however, we are unable to take action in this case as the reported behavior does not violate the Code of Conduct on PVP servers."  Hmmmm Really? So meshing doesn't violate the CoC even though the Code of Conduct states it is a violation? I tried to have the ticket looked at a second time and even updated it with a direct copy and paste of the CoC. But my attempts to have it looked at a second time was not answered and instead the ticket was set to resolve and closed without having any more of a follow-up. 

Reading further down the page brought another good laugh. "PVP (ORP specific rule) - Use of a Proxy tribe or an alternate account to place structures or buildings to hide behind in offline raid protection is considered an abuse of ORP build mechanics and will not be tolerated." On the very same ticket I reported the meshing tribe I reported them for this violation as well. As stated in my ticket they would use Proxy tribes to build bases in caves, block caves, spawn points, and they denied players the ability to play on maps entirely. All of this was also recorded by not only myself but other survivors. Furthermore, they were also violating the CoC by demanding real money to play "on their maps." I wasn't asking for much as there is only one ORP N/A and one ORP EU cluster to investigate. The exact map and locations were also given in the ticket. However, as stated above, according to the response I received none of that was a violation of the CoC. 

From here I decided it was time to take a break. Before being on ORP servers I was on regular PvP servers. The day-to-day grind and constant raiding, griefing, farming, repeat was quite overwhelming for someone who was, at the time, solo and holding down a full-time job and a part-time job. ..Tek Tier.. forget it.. This is why ORP appealed to me and seemed like a perfect option. Eventually, I came back to Ark and continued on my solo single-player game. The very one I've spent approximately the last four years building, breeding, taming, and enjoying. As anyone can probably guess, thanks to a Chibi update that world is now gone. Before anyone comments with "Just spawn everything in." please understand this was a save file that branches across four years. There were a lot of structures, tames, etc. Spawning and building everything over alone would take weeks if not months. This is not including all the lost bloodlines. Imagine if your server was suddenly wiped without a reason and someone commented with "Just start over."

In closing, I want to simply ask three things. One, do more testing. Seriously.. a Chibi should not essentially cause a dev wipe on a SINGLE PLAYER session. Then releasing a "sorry" statement and giving your servers a 2x weekend doesn't exactly make it up to the single-player fan base. Just an idea here, perhaps try creating a tame, event, or an item that caters to only the single-player survivors.  

Secondly, please start actually enforcing and investigating each submitted ticket. I've submitted a few tickets and two of them were for the same thing within months of each other. Each time I included a video of what was going on with a detailed description. However, both tickets were answered by the same GM and the response was exactly the same on both tickets (word for word). Which indicates my tickets were answered with a copy and paste message.

Lastly, listen to your community. Throughout Ark's lifetime, we've asked for the same thing repeatedly. Make small quality of life improvements that don't directly result in more bugs. Fix the current exploits, bugs, etc. Yes, I know that has to be tiring to see day in and out but maybe that's because there are problems still existing in a game that's been out for years. Here's one simple quality of life improvement. Make it to where console players can view the ancestry of their tames. Currently, we can only view the first four from both parents. If this has been fixed, I do apologize and also like to know how in advance. 

In closing, Thank You to anyone who has read this. If anyone decides to reply please be respectful to one another and to WC. After all, we all want the best version of Ark possible. Cheers.

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